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About NSAC Membership

NSAC Membership is required to participate in any program, activity, or events of Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation. This is a unique lifetime membership provided by the NSAC to its new members. Anybody who wants to take a part in any kind of activity/event of NSAC must have this NSAC Membership, without Membership no one can participate in any events (Payable or non-payable) of NSAC.
NSAC Membership is Compulsory to take part in any Program, Activity or Events of Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation

What is the Benefit of NSAC Membership?

The Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation has been organising several programs nationally every year to promote arts and artists such as painting competitions, art exhibitions, craft competitions, artists meet n greet, art competitions & exhibitions for children, etc

NSAC members have many benefits to participate in these events organised by the organisation such that once they take membership, they can participate in any competition organised by the NSAC for a lifetime, and give participation fees repeatedly is not required. From time to time, the organisation also organises some workshops and events related to art that are absolutely free for members, such as Artist Meet N Greet.

Who can Apply for NSAC Membership?
Anybody who relates to the field of art (like art lovers, teachers, students, art collectors) can apply for NSC Membership. There is no age bar to apply.

Where can I get my NSAC Membership ID?

NSAC Membership Fee
Only through the contribution of Rs 200/- you can get NSAC Membership for a lifetime.

NSAC membership fees are being changed from 1 August 2020. The lifetime membership fee will be Rs 200/- for children, 500/- for adults and 1000/- for foreigners.

How to Apply for NSAC membership?

  1. Pay your NSAC Membership Fee
  2. Fill Online NSAC Membership Form
  3. NSAC ID will be issued within 3 days of submission of your online form
  4. Click here to apply for NSAC Membership

How to Pay Membership Fee/Donation?

    You can choose following options for Fee.
  • Paytm
  • Bank Diposit
  • NEFT
  • Cash